St. Columban of Preston

St. Columban's Parish is located at 408 Preston ST NW, Preston, MN  55965.  

The contact person is Sharyol O'Connor, who can be reached at 507-765-3886 or  You can also call 507-867-3922 for the Parish Center Office at St. Mary's in Chatfield, which houses the offices of the pastor, business manager and administrative assistant.  The email for the main desk is

Brief history

The history of St. Columan Parish begins the first Mass offered in 1857 in a private home.  With traveling priests who fostered the faith and spiritual character of the members, the parish grew and built a church in 1875.  Through the guidance of numerous pastors over the years, the parish flourished and was able to construct a brink rectory adjacent to the church in 1924.  The present church building was built in 1928 to replace the original structure, and underwent extensive updating in the late 1960's.  The most recent redecorating was completed in 2004, and in 2015  the roof was redone and the elevator added.   


St. Columban Parish has an active Liturgy Committee which assists the pastor with liturgical planning.

The women of St. Columban's continue to serve parish and community through their involvement in the Council of Catholic Women (CCW).  Monthly meetings are held and numerous outreach projects are held each year, offering help to those in need both locally and internationally.  A major fundraiser each year is the Fall Dinner and Raffle, which is successful due to the involvement of a great many parishioners.

Men of the Parish are active in the Knights of Columbus organization, through which they also help those in need in many areas.  

Breakfasts and socials are also regularly sponsored by the Men of the parish.  They succeed in their goal of promoting fellowship while raising funds for their various causes.

Faith Formation

A strong religious education program is offered for the youth of the parish. Angela Tarrance is the  Faith Formation Director.   the 2019-20 school year will be her second year organizing the materials and schedule for the numerous volunteer teachers and other volunteers who assist parents in the faith developement of their children.  The regular schedule for faith formation classes runs from September through April.  From June 23 through June 28, the Totus Tuus Team will be leading the youth of St. Columban and sister parishes in the program that enriches and grows the Catholic faith.  The registration form can be found at /documents/totus-tuus-registration-2019. A release form is required for the youth to participte in the water games on the final day.  You will find it at:  /documents/totus-tuus-release-2019 The school year  calendar will be posted as soon as it is drafted.

The Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated after a two year preparation program, beginning in the eighth grade.  Contact the director at with any questions regarding enrolling a student. 


The cemeteries of St. Columban are overseen by trustees Ann O'Connor (507-765-3603) and Jerry Gartner (507-765-4559).  Contact them for information and answers to your burial questions. 

Events and Projects

The parish participates each Advent in the  Christmas in Fillmore County project that collects gifts for children in families who might be struggling to offer gifts during the holidays.  Information on the items needed can be found on a special in the church entrance.  Items for the children must be placed under the tree by December 8th for distribution

The annual Advent Program will be presented by the youth of the parish on Sunday, December 15th  following the 10:00AM Mass. 






Parish Events:

"Light is On"

Extended hours for Confession this Lent

Friday, March 29; 7-8PM at st. Columban

Saturday, March 30; 11AM -Noon at Nativity

Saturday, March 30;  7-8PM at St. Mary