St Mary's Women's Group: Working together in the parish and beyond

The  Mission Statement of the St. Mary's Women's Group

Our mission is to freely offer the peace and love of Christ to our parish family and community by being a visible, progressive Catholic community, compassionate and welcoming to all.   We are committed to deepening the bonds of the women of our parish through support, empowerment, and education in spirituality, leadership and service.   In doing so, we are readily able to provide spirituality and service in our community, as well as leadership worldwide.

The History and Activities of the Group

In the last few years, our participation in the CCW and individual Divisions has greatly declined. Because of this change, a committee of parish women was formed in 2015 to explore options for continuing women’s service to our church and community. After a year of planning, praying, and restructuring we decided to form one large women’s group called St. Mary’s Women. While this was a difficult choice and requires a change in our long-held structure, we feel we’ve started on a new path where all women of our parish will find a place to share their time and talents and  continue the important work that’s always been done by the women of St. Mary’s.

We gather together four times a year as a large group to share social activities, such as card making, musical events, presentations by interesting speakers, and fun get-togethers.  In addition, we host an annual business meeting to update members on past activities and discuss plans for the future.

During the past two years we have continued to raise funds through Turkey Bingo, our Fashion Show, and through donations made to our Funeral Committee. We contributed $2000 to various church programs,  including youth programming, the sound system, the new organ, and ongoing kitchen maintenance and upkeep. 

The membership booklet (St. Mary's Women's Group Book)  outlines those groups, lists the chairwomen who’ve volunteered to serve, and offers ideas for ways to participate. Joining in to help does not require special talents nor does it demand a large time commitment! Just a few hours, a few times per year makes a big difference in our church and community and the fellowship and friendships you’ll make will last a lifetime.

The current leadership:                                                                                                                           Below is a list of our current leaders & projects.  We are thankful for all of you who have helped with leadership and projects in the past. Now we are looking for ladies to join us to continue to grow.  If you are interested in a leadership role or in any of the projects please contact Gina Tuohy  at 867-3032.

Leadership                                                          Terms                                                                         Past President                     Gina Tuohy               2017 – 2018                                                      President                            Julie Amy                 2018 – 2019                                                             Vice President                    Needed                       1 year                                                       Secretary                           Angie Clemens           2018 – 2019                                    Treasurer                           Sue Keefe                 2014 – 2019

Projects                          Chairperson             When          Term                                                    Blessing Bags                  Denise Mullen               Lent               2016 - 2019                                       Care Center Birthdays     Maureen Barry              Fall                 2016 –2018                                          Care Center Christmas      Char Ryan                   December        2016 -2018                                          Funerals                          Dar Bradt & Karen Huckstadt               2016 - 2018                                       Kitchen Committee           Mary Morrison              Continuing       2016-2019                                           Ladies Event                   Needed                                             2016 - 2018                        

 May Crowning                 Shirley Clemens                                  2016 - 2018                                                                    Sharlene Owens, Susan Gossman                                          

Sharing The Seasons         Joan Bradt Sime           Fall                  2018-2020                                    Sharing Tree                     Karen Huckstadt          December         2016 - 2019                                        Style Show                       Maureen Barry              Spring             2017 - 2019                                    Turkey Bingo                    Jenny Allen                  November        2018 - 2020

To request a check for payment of expenses for a parish project or event, or for reimbursement for advance of funds for payments, click here for the Check Request Form. Print it out and submit it to the Parish Center Office at St. Mary's to the attention of the Bookkeeper.